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13 June 2009 @ 12:42 am
Project Graduation  
Graduation was alright...I guess lol. I'm not much a fan of cermonies. 'Stand up clap clap sit down' rinse and repeat.

But project graduation was a different story. After the cermony they [school] took us to a recreation center  and we got to play laser tag, bowl, the arcade and such. Lots of fun. We didn't leave there til like 3:30 am? Really late...

When we got back to school I played DDR -which I didn't know we had til then- with a friend and played black jack  afterwards -sucks at it-.

Then around 5:00 they started giving stuff a way. I won a ipod shuffle which I traded for a pink digital camera. <3

And that's it. lol.
Mood: tired